They Saved the Best Wine for Last

They Saved the Best Wine for Last

How Dan and Nancy Painter turned their gift of hospitality into a Europe-wide network of churches

He served in Vietnam. He prayed weekly with the US ambassador to France. She translated for Billy Graham in a conversation with a French philosopher. He oversaw the departure of Soviet troops from the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution. But for Dan and Nancy Painter, the best was yet to come.

President's Report

ICC is a French association, and this General Assembly is one of the requirements to exist as an officially recognized entity in France. But, ICC France is not alone in its endeavor.  It is interdependently connected with two other entities that are responsible for setting the vision and securing the resources needed to fulfill it, the Euroteam and ICC Eurasia. The interplay and interdependence of these entities are vital to the identity and effectiveness of the ICC as a movement. 

Retreat snapshot 01: Sunday Worship

This morning we held a special joint worship service here on the grounds at Courmettes. In addition to the retreat guests and volunteers, we were joined by the two ICC congregations in the area, from Nice and St. Paul. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness in bringing us all together today, believers from all over the world, united not only by a common language, but a common Savior.