ICC churches exist...

to provide gospel community for in-country citizens, for internationals who are living abroad for business or education, and for immigrants who have been displaced from their home countries.


Are you living in a European city and looking for a gospel-centered, English-speaking church?

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The founders and pastors of the ICC network care deeply about the people of the world. Therefore we are working toward establishing English-speaking, international churches in all the principal cities of Europe.

We believe that the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ unites all people, regardless of background, nationality, or economic status. ICC churches offer biblical teaching, vibrant worship, and gospel-centered community. We want to help individuals grow in their faith, and we believe these churches have a positive impact on their cities.

Another goal of every ICC church is to provide resources to equip individuals to share the good news of the gospel for the rest of their lives—whether they put down roots in their current city, journey on to new opportunities abroad, or return to their home countries.