How does ICC support pastors?

Shared Experience: ICC offers the support of a community of pastors who understand the joys and challenges of pastoring an international church.

Networking: The ICC organization forms a structural network to link ICC international churches to stateside partner churches and organizations.

Retreats and resources: ICC hosts annual pastoral retreats, and provides publications, resources, research assistance, counseling, and community for international pastors.

Register now for the 2017 ICC Pastors' Retreat

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Location, travel, or online registration questions may be directed to Steve Henderson:

General questions may be directed to James Arnold:

Finances: The ICC organization establishes a means for funding international churches with low-percentage overhead, so that independent donors and churches are able to effectively finance international missions work.

Worship and Prayer: All the pastors, supporters, and leaders within the ICC community are faithful to continually pray for the churches and cities where ministry is taking place.

Discipleship and Accountability: ICC seeks to "fan the flame" of the faithful by helping pastors and leaders grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity.

Communication: We strive to use modern communication tools to tell the ICC story and make resources available to all pastors and supporters.